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High-Def Hearing Aids from Sebotek

Sebo HD2

High Definition Sound

A person with normal hearing can hear a range of high frequency sounds that extends beyond 16 kHz. Unfortunately, hearing aids have traditionally not had the ability to process high frequency sound beyond 6 to 8 kHz. The ability to hear a wide spectrum of high frequency sound allows the listener to hear the soft speech sounds necessary for understanding and also experience the subtle sounds of nature and the vibrant tones of music. SeboTek’s HD2 technology breaks the sound barrier of traditional hearing aids and optimizes fidelity which better preserves the natural dynamics of speech.

  • Industry leading — 14khz High Definition bandwidth
  • Industry leading — 111 High Definition processing channels
  • Industry leading — 32khz digital sampling rate

Listening Comfort

Daily we encounter constant changes in our listening environments from a quiet conversation at home to more complex environments with background noise such as a restaurant or shopping mall. HD2 hearing instruments have a host of adaptive features that detect changes in a user’s environment and make automatic adjustments to optimize performance and comfort.

  • 111 channel adaptive Voice Priority Noise Reduction
  • Adaptive Ambient Noise Reduction
  • Auto-Focus Directional Microphones
  • AFX adaptive feedback cancelation
  • Auto telephone sensor
  • Auto-Sync hands-free listening mode

Moisture Protection System

MPS, technology by SeboTek incorporates an advanced water repellant nano-coating that protects the instrument from moisture, corrosion, perspiration and cerumen that could impair the performance of the instrument. The nano-coating is molecularly bonded to all components inside and out so that any kind of liquid that comes into contact with the instrument will simply roll off.