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March 24, 2020

Study Shows Occupational Hearing Hazards Preventable with Protection

A recent study published by the American Journal of Industrial Medicine is the first to examine hearing loss prevalence by industry within the...
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March 10, 2020 / Hearing Loss

Research Shows Dogs Can Develop Hearing Loss

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Just like humans, dogs are sometimes born with impaired hearing or experience hearing loss as a result...
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March 3, 2020 / Hearing Loss

Research Examines Impacts of Age-Related Hearing Loss on Brain Scans

Interest is growing in the association of hearing loss with other health conditions, especially cognitive disorders such as dementia. In...
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February 25, 2020

Hearing Aids Shown to Lower Dementia Risk

Older adults who get a hearing aid for a newly diagnosed hearing loss have a lower risk of being diagnosed...
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February 11, 2020 / Hearing Loss

Link Discovered Between Ototoxic Drugs & Hidden Hearing Loss

The term “hidden hearing loss” refers to a form of hearing impairment in which a subject presents with normal otoacoustic...
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February 4, 2020

Deep Brain Stimulation May Relieve Tinnitus Symptoms

Ringing in the ears (tinnitus) can make life miserable, but a brain implant may help, preliminary research suggests. In a...
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January 20, 2020 / Hearing Loss

Study Shows Healthy Diet Can Reduce Hearing Loss Risk in Women

The older you become, the more likely you’ll be to have hearing loss. Experts estimate that about one in three...
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September 16, 2019 / Hearing

6 Tips to Protect Your Hearing in Noise

By following these smart noise protection tips from hearing specialists, you can help prevent hearing loss and be happier and healthier...
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September 16, 2019 / Hearing

Could Tinnitus be Causing that Ringing in Your Ears?

Have you ever experienced a constant ringing in your ears that you can't pinpoint the cause? It might be tinnitus...
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