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GN Hearing's President Receives Royal Medal of Honor

Last night, at a grand event during the Patriotic Festival in Virginia Beach, VA, the Danish Minister of Defense Claus Hjort Frederiksen awarded GN Hearing’s US President Kim Lody the Diploma of the Danish Export Association & HRH Prince Henrik's Medal of Honor. This distinguished honor is awarded in recognition of an outstanding effort in promoting and marketing Danish products and services abroad.

In his speech the Danish Minister of Defense highlighted how Danish technology and innovation has helped millions of American’s with hearing loss. With the event set during the Patriotic Festival – also called Warrior Week1 – the Minister emphasized how Danish technology pioneered by GN, among others, has helped thousands of American warriors returning from the battlegrounds with damaged hearing.

“The company has helped to ensure that Americans, including numerous wounded veterans, are enabled to hear more. And by hearing more, they can do more in their everyday lives. This ultimately allows them to be more as human beings – giving them the ability to live fuller lives,” said Minister of Defense Claus Hjort Frederiksen.

Over the past five years, GN Hearing has experienced unparalleled growth and doubled its market share in the United States. In 2016, North America accounted for half of GN Hearing’s total revenue, providing a substantial share of export-generated revenue to Denmark. Part of this success can be attributed to Kim Lody’s strong focus on the specific needs of veterans. Today, more than one in five American veterans with hearing loss choose a hearing aid from GN Hearing.

GN Hearing’s innovative ReSound LiNX product family has proven to be a particularly strong offering. The recently launched ReSound LiNX 3D™ offers users unmatched sound quality, efficient fitting and ground-breaking remote fine-tuning, creating an entirely new hearing care experience. ReSound LiNX 3D delivers clear, natural sound, exceptional speech understanding, and the best sense of where sounds are coming from. Additionally, with the new hearing care solution the user can request assistance for any fine-tuning of their hearing aid settings wherever they are, eliminating the traditional need to travel to a hearing aid clinic.

Anders Hedegaard, CEO of GN Hearing, comments:
Kim Lody has for the past several years done an outstanding job as our head of GN Hearing in North America, successfully making sure that patients in the open market, in the Veterans Affairs and throughout the Beltone network can benefit from our unique and industry leading technology. This prestigious award is very well deserved, and we at GN Hearing are all proud of working with Kim and her great team. Kim has also been instrumental in preparing for our industry leading next generation 2.4 GHz technology with the new ReSound LiNX 3D and the corresponding Beltone Trust hearing aids.

Kim Lody, President of GN Hearing US, comments:
I am honored to receive such a prestigious award, which is truly a reflection of the team’s dedication and hard work. I am proud to work with such a talented group of people and an organization that provides life-changing technology to so many people around the world.”