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Hearing Aid Videos

Different Types Of Hearing Aids

A brief overview of the different types of hearing aids that are available.

What To Expect From A Hearing Exam

A brief overview of what to expect from an in-office hearing exam.

How To Replace Batteries In Your Hearing Device

A brief overview of how to replace the existing batteries in your hearing aid or device.

How To Clean Your Hearing Aid

A brief overview of how to clean your hearing aid or device.

Phone Use With A Hearing Aid

A brief overview of using your hearing aid or device on the phone.

Hearing Loss: It's Your Choice Part 1

Devoted family man Harvey Patterson’s lifetime exposure to loud sounds took a big toll on his hearing. When hearing loss caused him to misunderstand his grandson and miss an important cross country meet, he knew it was time to act and get his first pair of hearing aids. See him experience the joy of fully hearing again.

Hearing Loss: It's Your Choice Part 2

Aspiring actress Danyell Schendel lost all hearing in one ear as a child, but never got hearing aids. She kept her hearing loss a secret from all but her closest friends, but this secret became more challenging to keep. Watch her hear in both ears for the first time.

Hearing Loss: It's Your Choice Part 3

Avid bicyclist Robert Seidler found cycling created a special environment where he could discuss important issues with clients, friends and family. As his hearing declined due to damaged eardrums, this environment became silent and he needed to find a way back to the world of hearing. See him experience hearing aids for the first time.